May 26, 2022 #181


Dear Diary, I’m in that cafe after a month or maybe not. 

Mr. E realized I visited his story post. How kind of him! He gave me some texts. I started doing street art again the other day. 

The cafe is filled with chatty aunties. People here are talking about their garden or their children. Far better than the other place i visited the other day. Still, I wish my ears are less sensitive tho. 

This morning I watched the Adams Family 2 on Netflix. Because I was alone at home. It was a good one. I really enjoyed watching Wednesday changing the plot of the play at the summer camp. My favorite characters in that movie were that boy with a glass who forced to come the camp and met the siblings of Adams, and Lurch. Lurch is so sweet. 

I like soaking sun and all the fluffy things. But that camp!! That was terrifying! I mean I love the Adams because they live their own life, without getting effected by norms. 

And that was so cute that Wednesday scared her boyfriend at the grave yard after telling him “I woldnt do any mistakes when I had to kill my husband. I would kill him with the biggest terror” 

I was scared of the moment, but after finishing the movie, I realized that was her way to say “yes” 


I’m an aro-ace person but I enjoy cute romantic stories ya know! 

I made me so happy to see that boy visiting the Adams after they the siblings left the summer camp! 

Oh uhmm bye bye my slice of lemon… I kept it thinking I can make lemon tea with it but they just took the plate down… okay thanks…

I don’t know… my street sculptures are so tiny. Yep I had no choice cuz I decided making it in the real life size. 

Okay it’s only for me then. I don’t care if the people can find it or not. Sticking gummy bears are only for me. I had been wished that they notice them and wonder then put smile on their face like “why there is gummy bear on the wall? Whonahell did suchathing? That’s kinda funny” 

But people around here are not into street art. They even don’t realize they are around them.
People on the internet say they like what I am doing so I will do it when I go abroad again. When will it be tho. 

I’m scared of police even I don’t do wrong thing. I just want to give tired people a space and a smile.