May 14, 2022


hi, i found this website, and this is what i have been looking for, i place where i can talk, but not keep it secret, i don't want to treat my feelings like a secret anymore, instead here i can be vulnerable without showing myself. i can be myself here but not get judged, i won't get pitiful gazes or comforting hugs here, which make me feel less, which make me feel weak. i know they should not, but for some reason they do, i wanna just speak and speak and i want to feel heard, for once i want to feel like being sad is normal and that i wont get pity or awkward stares for them. i like to ramble a lot but i feel like no one is here to listen to rambles, no one cares, yes they dont say it, they will listen anyways, but i feel like a burden then. I didnt want my opening note to be so sad, so i will say, i will make this my safe place, away from world, instead of making this a hideous truth i will make this my pride, i will make myself proud <3