So, let me introduce you to Chase. 

I first met him last year, October-something.

I never met him or talked to him in my life but i knew him because of online classes.

He was one of those 'Attention Seekers'. - That was what i thought of him.

So in October, schools re-opened after a long time. It was both exciting and not. Cuz i love staying at home cuz of lockdown, covid really changed me.

So, the first day of school he was absent and i was like "More attention seekers, why cant someone better be in my class."

The next day was the day i actually met him for the first time. And guess what, he sits right next to me, the left side.

The math teacher didnt come so we were all free, I was really bored so i took my history book to find some random faces to doodle on LOL. And outta nowhere this guy (Chase) asks me

Him: "Does dominos sell chips?" 

Me : "'re talking to me?" 

Him: "Yeah..."

Me  : "Probably not..." 

And THAT was our first convo. OUR FIRST. But that is normal when it comes to him, he does the weirdest things like I'm not even surprised anymore.

So after that stupid conversation, we started talking a lot. And by talking i mean roasting each other. And eventually, i fell for him. Tbh, he's not even good-looking but i still like him because-

I can vent my anger on him? 

Literally none of the boys have come to me to pick a fight but he does all the time and i enjoy that.

I never missed school just for him. hehe. It can be confirmed that i fell hard.

But because of stupid corona, schools closed again and i couldn't see him for 3 months and i still wasn't over him.

                                                               Time skip


Schools reopened again

And guess what, i was in "C" and he was in "D" (separate classrooms)

I was super depressed, not just because of him. Because I hatted my class, I didnt want to be friends with anyone cuz' no one's interesting. I'm picky with the people i want to be with 🙃

So yeah, that year passed  and i graduated to the next grade yay!...

And thankfully this year we're both in 'C'. I moment i entered the class, i saw his face cuz' he was sitting in the first row.

But my seat was in the second row :(

This year started pretty good. But before that i forgot to write one more -

Amazing memory with Chase.

So last year, the time when we were in the same class, I asked for his birthday cuz' i wanted to know if he was younger than me because he acts like that. He is Oct-2 and I am Feb-17. Basically im younger than him, i was born after him. So that time he asked me what i wanted for my birthday and i said "Nothing from you.". and he said "Im asking because, i gave a girl a ball for her birthday and she never talked to me after that." Like who the heck gives a ball as a gift? And i said "Please, i want nothing." and he said "Okay then, ill give you a pen." and i just stopped talking because there is no use in arguing with him. And after that at 14th Feb (this was the time when i was not in his class), i saw him in dispatch (the time we go home.) and i said "I thought you were gonna give me a pen for my birthday" For fun. And he said "Yeah...thats right." and started searching his bag for a pen and gave me one. I said "Hey, i was kidding, i dont want this." and he just ran away. But the next day, i gave it back because it was weird i guess, i dont really know why i gave it but i did.

Back to the present (April-6th)

So behind Chase, there was this girl- Hailey. She has a lot of history with him and by history, i dont mean dating. They talk very freely with each other. I just got a bit upset and i felt like i had no chance because of her. But i tried not to think about a stupid boy. It's the first day of a new grade, why should i be like this. This whole day, we never talked, i dont know why, he didnt approach me and i didnt either...


So our homeroom teacher, Ms. Thompson, was our math teacher. She wanted to re-arrange all the students and change their seats. And that was the BEST decision she ever made.

[To be continued]