January 14, 2022


Dear G,

So I decided to continue writing to you through this application. I will certainly miss how I am trying to make my penmanship readable even I know you're amazing so it'll be okay. I will miss that "Listen to Dream" notebook we used to have for our little conversation. Today's a so-so,I spent a lot of time watching my cats playing around, I felt sorry for Bibi because she lost one of her kittens; the black one. I downloaded an English dictionary so I can be more acquainted with the language. K messaged me today, she said she'll forward my resume because their company is searching for engineers. By the way, I think my parents will not make up this time, it's different from all of their fights before. It's quite sad to be the only child left inside a house where parents fight all the time. Thanks for hearing me out, G! Lovelots. 

PS. I am waiting til 80:00,I will be watching What's Wrong With Secretary Kim.