January 05, 2022


Dear Diary, I don’t know how much more I can take of been with my partner. I feel like he bullies my 5 year old son all the time, he has ago at him about everything and it really pisses me off. Iv told him multiple times to leave him alone and he still does it. It reminds me of when i lived with my mum and stepdad, he didn’t like me and my brother because we wasn’t his, so he made  our life hell, to the point that he would physically abuse us. Now my partner has never done that to my son but the fact he never gives him a break yes it annoys me. Ill give an example, yesterday he came home from work tea was made and i gave my son his tea and then he tried to ask me something but my partner told him to shut up and eat his tea. Like there is just no need for how he is towards him, yes hes not his son but he has been in his life since he was a baby, as we was friends before and we have been together 2 years this year. I dont see what his problem is?