September 30, 2021 #11


Dear Diary, today I went to walk and bought a binder size A5 from dollar tree. 

I also bought some piles of card pages sleeves and 200 piece of plain cards. 

I thought it’s a wonderful idea to draw on the small cards and collect them by myself. What do you think? 

Unfortunately the pockets are too small to accommodate mini zine made from A4 sized paper. 

It would be more fan to trade original cards with other artists. but I don’t know about the card sizes and if there are other person who do that too. 

I heard some people make and trade their original bookmarks. this is something like this. but it’s cards. that’s it. 

It would be cool to bring some cards along with me always and draw landscapes or what i eat at fancy/cozy cafe instead of taking pictures. But I can easily imagine i end up taking pictures first then I draw at home, because probably i’m with my friends or family when i go out side so i have to make them wait for me or food and tea will get cold. It’s good to do when i hangout with myself. 

Now I’m thinking about copying medieval snails or monster from pinterest and make trading cards. 

I already draw some of them on my sketch book/doodle book. 

The binder itself is kinda ‘cheep quality’ but still gives me a good vibe. 

I ate some piece of sweetened sweet potatoes. maybe 3 or 4.

I used bus to get to home even  it supposed to be ‘walk’

I don’t use twitter and every my instagram accounts is art things so i don’t have space to vent to. 

I really appreciate this app. I don’t like to use paper and pencil for diary because it might be found by someone and also the words i wrote can be stick in my mind like studying. And the best part is this app is private/public function. It really motivates me to read others good day and hard day. like…I have straggle but not only me. I don’t like to be told it by someone but… it’s different. because it’s diary and there are no competitive energy at all. it’s weird to feel competitive things on talking each other’s straggles tho, it somehow happens in conversations. 

 I love this app already. I can feel I’m not alone. Instagram or other app has tooooooo many users so I don’t feel the same. 

 i’m even scared why this is free and no ads!! Thank you so much.