- Wait Who the frick Am i .. no i know who i am but you don't know .....


" WOOF" 
Your dog is here . 

Anygays ...(yes it's not a typo) ..so uh yeah where was I ? Yes so today as I installed this app , i wrote trash .

Then i realised I never intoroduced myself WOW
What a bitch...tch tch

We are not late my dear fella( I don't who i am speaking to-)  

  • My name is - well call me XS because my initial name starts with S and my surname starts with X. ( No nope never why would i tell you who i am ? Only to be the talk of your house? tch tch ) 
  • I am currently studying interior designing at BU ( again not telling the entire thing ) .
  • My age ....guess i can expose that .... I am five years old . ( momma that milk is twasyy ) nah nah ...I am 20 years old . Wanna date me ?
  • I think I am bisexual , well I have been in relationship with girls ( only ) before but yk ...that boy ufffff 
  • I am currently in university right now ( the hostel is stinky and I want to get out of here but the boy next door * cough cough *)  , gulping down the milkshake my three roommates brought me . 
  • China is mother land . ( Dare you come at me saying , 'boy you brought corona' ...well you see that dick of yours? , I have very sharp knife in my hands right now )
Hmmm My english is pretty good by the way . My entire family tree roots for me ( Did I say that correctly? If not ...Well do I care ? ) 

I started writing this diary because .... now this still-confused-half-bisexual-guy doesn't have good environment to talk about homosexuality.  * Smile smile smile *

Being an anonymous guy I can only rant here . I chose this app and not weibo to express my thoughts because .... umm obviously on weibo people will know gradually that a guy like me is not at all afraid ( * crying in the corner*) to expose himself in a country so vast . 

With the benefit .... okay I actually forgot how i should frame this sentence ---- wait a sec.

Okay lets try another line . 
Hmm so with my english being a plus point - I came here to write shit about my life . 

My mother has learnt english before so i think it was easy for me to talk to her and gradually speak this language enough for me to adjust.

Thats the reason i think i should keep this app in secrecy and never let my mom touch it or before i cut yours my mother will cut my dicky off . ( "I am still a man not scared yeah come at me" - Proved wrong ) 

Do I make anyone laugh ? Do i ? Do i ? ... that boy does yhink I am funny though . 

Okay lets call him LX ... same reason : L surname , X initial name . 

If you pay close attention to my user name ,,you'll get it. While mine stays hidden guys ...not that easy not that easy haha 😏

He doesn't speak english that fluently but gets it a bit if you speak slower and at least repeat it 3 times . But he is .......ugh he is so sweet . Really . I've seen sweet girls but this sweet guy is also very sweet ( WAIT WHAT? why did i repeat same lines again ) 

Oh shit my roommate said there will be an inspection tomorrow.... i really need to hide stuff byeeeee.

And uhhh I don't know but ..... that classmate keeps approaching me everytime and she doesn't even listen when I say I am not interested and all I said back then was a mistake . This one is called QF . Same reason again.

Boom bye. 

I'll keep telling more about the crap going on here . 

*clears throat* ....I have saved many pictures like these tbh ...and i keep imagining LX and myself like this ....