How to choose a swing bed


This summer's new product for relaxing in the garden or by the pool will be the swing beds. Looking something in between a camp bed and a hammock they have been penned by many designers as the ?garden chaise lounge?Swing beds come in many different styles and finishes, although the overall theme is the same, allowing the user to irrigation impact sprinkler lie flat out in comfort whilst rocking gently.

How to choose a swing bed 1.Firstly take into consideration whether you will be using the swing be don your own or whether there may be times when two people will want to use it at the same time, maybe those romantic moments. If there is going to more than one person on the swing bed then you definitely need a double swing bed.

2.Some swing beds come with removable fabric which may not be waterproof, so ensure that if you intend leaving it outside all year round or even at nigh, you need a waterproof fabric such as Textaline, which is made from plastic.3.You should always measure the area where you are going to locate the swing bed and ensure that it will fit comfortably and allow for easy access around the swing bed.

4.If you intend sleeping on the swing bed then try to buy a model that comes with pre-installed cushions.5.Ensure that the make up of the metal frame parts are powder coated as this will lengthen the products life.6.If you opt for a wood swing bed, remember that it may need treating with a stain or preservative every year and if you are not prepared to undertake the work, then opt for a powder coated metal framed bed.

7.Make sure that the swing bed can be easily dismantle if you intend storing it inside during the winter months.A lot of people buy swing beds instead of a camp bed and use them for accommodating guests. This is particularly useful if you are short of room in your house as most are fully collapsible. One point worth remembering is that the bed does rock or swing, so you will have to put something under the rockers to stop the movement.

Unlike the hammock which gives a sideways rocking movement, swing beds give a forward to back rocking movement and do not hug the body as much as a hammock. They are a totally different concept to the hammock and provide an equally enjoyable sitting or lying recent years they have become extremely popular around swimming pools and set to become a great must have product for the coming seasons.