November 20, 2020


[IS DIARY Week 9A-9B]

In the next five years, specific topic that I want to elaborate is I want to join internship for international exposures in Shibaura Institute of Technology in Japan. The program called Lab internship-student research program at SIT. 

Then, when I graduated from IS majors, I want to work at a company as a data or systems analyst to know how the company works so that I can get inspired by it. Because I want to build my own company in the business field and for me it will take a long time to conceptualise  and make a successful company. 

For my final degree project, I plan to write Management System and Data Analysis for Senior High School in Central Kalimantan, Palangkaraya City. Because, I see the education system for high school students there are still very underdeveloped, the student there are still don't know much about the importance of college and sometimes they don't know what their reasons are for studying. So, I will do the research there. 

To support my final degree project, I will take Information Systems Management Laboratory (MSI) lab and for the elective course that I will choose is IT Risk & Quality Management, IT governance there's only two elective course there so I think most of the course are compulsory to learn. The another Lab that I will choose is System Enterprise (SE) the elective course that I will choose is Business Continuity Planning, and from Lab Data Engineering and Business Intelligence (RDIB) elective course that I will choose is Decision Support System. For the targeted score that I want is perhaps 3-3,5 above. To support my Dream goal I think I will involve myself perhaps through internal affair that offer business club and through workshop, seminar or joining training program.