June 29, 2020


Dear Diary,

Go through this if you're looking for something that you can relate to or atleast not get bored reading!🌼

Okay so my story began about 18 yrs ago! When I was born.

A girl with big sparkling eyes with bubbly lips! This sums up my nature actually.

By nature I'm an enthusiast, scholar, good-looking, happy-go-lucky kind of a person.

Somebody who is always the center of attraction! Getting everything a teenager can probably imagine

Sounds too good to be true right?

This is what I call one side of my life

There are parts that nobody knows

Parts that are dark, confusing, dim!

So I have started this diary so that I can share some moments of my life with you!

Hope you enjoy, get inspired, or atleast beat some boredom.

Because that's the reason I've started this diary!