February 12, 2020


Dear Diary,

Yesterday I was feeling so lonely. Its funny how lonel y can you be when your husband is just lying next to you. I beg him to stop playing with his phone then he said then what you want me to do? I am so tired that we cant even cuddle me. So I told asked him why he never cuddles with me. And he said I dont like him touching me.

I think its very important to know your women. I dont you to grope my breast all the time. I have plenty of other places to touvh. And everytime cuddling doesnt mean I want sex. So I hate it when he grope me. Its not cuddling. I just want to be touched. Lightly. Affectionately. But not sexually. 

Then he continues to play with his phone.

I am contemplating on my life decision with him. I dont want this married life. I dont want this husband anymore. I wish I can trade him for someone who can understand me. 

Im not talking to him much this morning.