There's nothing much to say. I mean life hasn't been that eventful. I was sick for a bit. Still am, but trying to recover. I watched a movie the other day. It's called Little forest. And it navigates through the point of view of this girl who returns toher hometown after being fed up with her life in the city. This specific trope is dear to my heart as I always felt like I need to return to my roots. Enjoy more of a slow life. No matter how many times I revisit this trope, I fall in love with it. Even though it's much alike to dramas like Hometown Cha Cha Cha, Summer strike which I recently finished. This one has an open ending. Kind of really slow pace of it, the shots of farming & delicious recipes made by her mom just fills my heart. It wasn't heavy, surface level pride, jealousy and tiny bit of hint to romance. It was insanely relaxing. I didn't know how the first 40mins flew by. The message in the ending, how she finally understood her mom's letter was touching. Loved the characters. I wont give it a rating but say I really enjoyed this one; from a slice of life enthusiast.