September 06, 2023


Dear Diary,

i had some difficulties, but i went out of my way to make some new friends recently and its really gone well for me. i'm very happy about it. people like me!!

i know i'm stepping into a very fast and insecure social scene, and that ultimately it doesn't matter if i'm there or not, but i feel like i belong around these people. i'm just nervous about making the right impressions.

so, one thing i'm grateful for: my new friends and their love. their warm welcome. feeling like i belong again. something exciting and sweet.

journal prompt: "Who do you trust most? Why?"

i suppose the person i trust most right now is my girlfriend of 3 or 4 years. she's been with me through all the major upheavals in my life, she's my rock, she has the most complete picture of me. she knows things i've never told anyone else, or some things i've only told to some people and some things i've only told others.

"trust" is a vague word, but i guess what i mean is that she hasn't abandoned me despite everything and i have faith that she won't in the future. not to say i can or should take her for granted, even though i know i do sometimes.

speaking of, i should tell her good morning.

i trust you,