September 04, 2023


Dear Diary, 

i need a new outlet, or a change of habits. i've only got a handful of friends to talk to now so i've quit most social media, but i've also got nowhere to post all my thoughts and post the kind of things that i would normally post on social media. i don't wanna make a diary entry for every little thought i have.

i was thinking about joining Twitter but they kind of ruined that site, and Instagram has never been my thing. i just lie around all day now feeling like i'm going insane.

i have been reading a little bit more now, and i thought maybe i could try to fill up my free time with that? or maybe working on some of my personal projects?

it's funny, i have a ton of extra hours a day now to do whatever i want but i'm getting just as little done as i was before.

reading more would be nice but lately i think i'm just too tired for it, and the same for writing. i just feel burnt out like i wanna spend every hour i can sleeping.

i am so bored it hurts,