It's time


Dear Diary,

Let me tell you something 

about success. 

Success doesn't come if you don't work your butt off for it. 

Success doesn't come if you just sit around and do nothing. 

Success doesn't come if you waste time on irrelevant things.

Success only comes when you make a decision to succeed in life and stick to that decision until the very day you succeed. 

And that decision means you need to decide to put the irrelevant away and focus your mind solely on the relevant. If it's a game you need to watch, then you shouldn't watch it anymore. 

If it's a television show you need to watch, you also shouldn't watch it anymore. If there's a tonight show you need to watch, you also shouldn't watch that tonight show anymore. 

IF there is anything else that you need to watch and for what you know deep down won't make you successful, you shouldn't watch that as well anymore. 

In order to succeed in life and at life, 

you need to learn how to manage your time. 

You need to learn how not to waste time and you need to learn 

how to take advantage of all the time you have available. 

If you work, you don't have that many hours left, 

before you have to go to bed, if you don't work, 

you have plenty hours left before you have to go to bed. 

Success doesn't come that easily. 

Nothing happens overnight. Success definitely 

doesn't happen over night. It takes a certain amount 

of dedication, devotion, determination, and discipline. 

It takes hours and hours of work that's not too hard 

and that's exactly as smart as it needs to be. 

And it takes your complete sacrifice and your complete surrender. Without all of this, it's impossible to succeed in life, 

without this success is pretty much unobtainable. 

We live in time when we can learn anything that we want to learn. We can learn how to design websites, we can learn how to create websites, we can learn how to make our websites as active as they need to be, we can learn how to create fantastic graphic designs, some really mesmerizing logotypes, we can learn how to create programs, how to create software, how to create something out of nothing, and we can learn how to write, how to write elegantly, how to write creatively, how to write poetry, how to write memoirs, how to write biographies, how to write autobiographies, how to write thrillers, how to write romance, how to write romantic comedies, how to write Fantasy and Science fiction, basically we can learn anything we want to learn how to write. 

There are courses out there for everything today. 

You can find them on multiple video sharing platforms, 

or you can find them on various different course sites. 

You can purchase them or you can download them. 

My point is, you can learn anything you want to learn. 

There's no excuse, because you already have everything 

you need to have as close to your fingertips as possible. 

If you don't know how to create notes, then you can 

also find tutorials and even courses that can teach you 

how to create notes. There's no excuse! 

You have everything you need to succeed in life. 

The more knowledge you have, the more you matter, 

the less knowledge you have, the less you matter.

No man was born a successful man and no woman was born a successful woman. Success doesn't just come, success needs and has to be earned by you. You need to earn it. 

And you earn it by dedicating your precious time 

to achieving it. 

If you have one hour a day, guess what that's thirty a month. 

If you have two hours a day, that's sixty hours a month! 

If you have three hours a day that's ninety hours a month! 

There's no excuse. If you think you're not worthy enough, you're wrong. If you are too scared of success or if you are too scared of failure, you shouldn't be scared of success and you shouldn't be scared of failure. 

If you doubt yourself, you should stop doubting yourself. 

If you don't know your true potential, then get serious and find yourself those kind of friends who will see limitless and endless potential in you. 

And if you don't believe in yourself strong enough, 

then start to believe. Because nothing is impossible, 

my friend. Nothing is impossible. 

Think of success you want to achieve in your life, 

like stairs you need to walk on. Think of every step you need 

to take as a stepping stone. Think of every step 

you make as progress towards another stepping stone. 

And think of every move you make as a blessing 

you need in your life in order to succeed in 

life and at life. 

Not all men are lucky to be in your shoes right now. 

Not all men are that lucky. If you're reading this right now, 

you probably are lucky enough, because that means you 

have the world wide web and you have a computer 

to work on and you're thus ready to begin your journey. 

Don't make excuses. For it's excuses that kill and have killed the most beautiful dreams. 

If your excuse is that you don't have enough time, 

then make that god damn time. Cut out the crap and 

embrace what can only make you successful 

in your future. We don't know how much time we have 

left here. Our lives can end tomorrow because of a man 

who doesn't care about the speed limit, or because of a drunk 

man behind the wheel. You can do the impossible, 

my friend. 

It's time to make it possible.