A word or two about Life


Dear Diary,

So many people ask other people 

what's the meaning of life and what's 

the purpose of life. They ask because they don't 

know how to answer that question and seek others 

to answer that question for them. 

They just aren't wise enough to figure it out on their own. 

They aren't wise enough to figure out the meaning and they aren't wise enough to figure out the purpose of their own lives. 

And so they seek and seek and in the end they find nothing, 

because nobody really knows how to answer 

that question. 

Nobody knows the true meaning and nobody knows the true 

purpose of life. They can only guess for them what seems to fit 

the most. They can only say what seems and what feels 

to be the most right of all the answers. 

But in the end, they are as clueless as those who've 

asked them that question are clueless. Only the creator of life 

knows its true meaning and its true purpose. 

You cannot know the true meaning and the true purpose 

of something that's not yours at all, and you haven't created. 

Only the creator of life itself can answer that question 

for those who seek those who can answer it, and for all of us 

who want that question to be answered. 

And so nobody really know. That knowledge and that wisdom 

belongs solely to its creator. So, I wonder, will we ever know the answer 

to that, will we ever stop seeking, will we ever have such wisdom 

and such knowledge, will we ever know of the true meaning 

and of the true purpose of life? Or it will simply remain hidden 

from us? 

We already think we know so much, 

but the truth is that we know so little. 

We barely graced the Oceans that are on our Planet, 

we've land that's yet to be explored, we've animal species 

that have yet to be discovered, we've the whole Universe 

yet to travel through. 

We've only just begun to understand. 

We aren't close to the truth, we are still very 

far away from the truth. We are, because we don't really 

know why we are here, what's the meaning and what's the purpose 

behind our existence. 

This truth will set us free one day. 

This truth will make all of us see all of our mistakes, 

all the wrong-doing we have done. This truth will make us 

see reality. Right now, we think that life's not fair, 

that life's cruel, that life should be more fair, 

that life should be less cruel, and right now we think 

that life's not as beautiful as many people 

think that it is, because our lives aren't as beautiful 

as we want them to be. 

Right now, we haven't a clue about life. 

Many of us don't live at all, many of us only exist. 

Instead of living our lives to the fullest, we only exist 

so we can go through a day without doing anything of massive 


Many of us don't really know life all that well,  

but we love to pretend that we do. And the more we 

pretend we know life, the more we convince ourselves 

that we really know life. 

We convince ourselves that we know everything about life. 

We honestly know nothing. But those who seek answers demand knowledge of us, and we give the knowledge we think that 

we have, so they get those answers from us, 

answers that aren't right answers at all. 

So you see, nobody really knows anything about life. 

It doesn't matter if that person is a Guru or a Mystic. 

The honest man is that man who admits he knows nothing 

about life, because he wasn't the one who created it. 

And Liar is that man who teaches others about life 

and in return takes their hard-earned money or savings 

away from them. 

I don't pretend to know and neither should you. 

Nobody should pretend. We should all stop pretending. 

We don't know and we don't understand a thing. 

Truth is out there, but we've yet to 

grasp it entirely.