Dear Diary,

You cannot escape your past.

You cannot change what already happened. 

You cannot change what you've done or what's been 

done to you. You cannot erase what you've done or what's been 

done to you. But you can however influence the present, 

the present moment, you can influence the 

here and now. 

You can be the very best and you can do the very best 

in the here and now. You can do something to fully embrace 

and to fully cherish every moment. And your past won't matter 

to you very much anymore. 

Because whatever it was, will be replaced with whatever it is. 

The biggest mistake a man can make is that he keeps thinking of the past, and he doesn't think of the present moment. 

Because the more he keeps thinking of the past, 

the less and less he keeps thinking of the present moment. 

And as a result of these thoughts, he remains trapped 

in the past with his thoughts. 

He doesn't think of the present, 

for past is all he keeps thinking about. 

He doesn't think about what is, he thinks about 

what was, and thus he cannot really move 

on from the past in his life. 

He can try, but he really can't. 

He can give it a shot, but it's pointless. 

For the moment he looks back he's reminded of everything 

that happened. He sees the things he shouldn't see anymore, 

and he's reminded of everything. So, the idea is not to escape 

the past, because the past cannot be escaped. 

The idea is to start living in the present, 

to start living in the present moment, and embracing 

the present moment, making the very best of the present moment. 

One who truly knows how to live, doesn't care about yesterday 

anymore the way he used to care about yesterday. 

One who truly knows how to live, 

knows he cannot escape the past, 

but that doesn't mean he needs to be 

constantly reminded of it. 

One who truly knows how to live, 

takes advantage of every single moment 

that happens as fully and as completely as he can. 

Give it a try. Go outside and find yourself in the field 

of roses, and imagine you're floating like a butterfly or 

flying like a bee. Imagine you're a butterfly or imagine 

that you're a bee. 

Imagine that you're flying or floating across that field, 

and you marvel at all the imperfect beauty that you see in 

every rose you come across. 

That's what it means to live in the present moment. 

To enjoy every moment, to cherish every moment. 

To be present in every moment. 

And that's something your past can only influence if you let it. 

So why would you let your past influence something that beautiful? 

You deserve to be that butterfly, you deserve to be that bee 

that enjoys life for as long as it can. 

Learn how to look forward, and learn how to stop 

looking backwards, be a butterfly, be a bee. Imagine yourself 

on that field of roses. And your past, whatever happened, 

won't matter to you as much anymore.