May 24, 2023 FROZEN 3:Out now


Dear Amaru, when I say today was frozen af, I mean it. There was thick fog at school at around 08:00. Was locked out of our classroom in the fucking cold due to some incompetent teacher taking the keys and deciding to come late. This caused us to miss morning study and to catch the flu. The lessons were chill. Wrote an HM quiz on utilities and it was OK, I guess. Got my math quiz(you know, the one I nearly broke down publicly in the middle of taking it) and I failed(according to my standard anyways) . Got a 72%(a low A) while majority of the class got high A's and A*'s. The forms 5s attended a meeting with Kalvin(nhrn) about what he learnt about developing clean energy at the US. I'm now seriously considering campaigning for the role of Speaker in the SRC. We picked Tommy(nhrn) which meant that we were picked at 16:45. My family was at my home village, so I was home alone from 18:30 to 20:00. I won the bet between Browser and I, but he refused to pay up. I paid the P10 for the school marathon, but decided to be an undercover agent on the day, which is kind of a waste of cash. Finished English and physics. Left with R.E and Literature. The entire Guidance and Counseling department was absent. 

If we're freezing in May, how the hell are we going to survive June, cos the cold even reaches me, no matter how warmly I dress up.