True love


Dear Diary,

If a man cheats on a woman with another woman, 

he doesn't deserve to be with her. If a woman cheats on a man with another man, 

she doesn't deserve to be with him. If you truly love a woman, you are never going to cheat on her, and if that woman truly loves you, she's never going to cheat on you! 

Same goes for the lies. 

If you truly love a woman, you are never going to lie to her, 

and if that woman truly loves you, she's never going to lie to you! 

If a man truly loves a woman, he trusts that woman, 

he respects that woman, he admires that woman, he adores that woman, 

and knows her bad and good nature, her strong and her weak spots, 

and accepts them without second thought. 

Same goes for a woman. 

True love isn't just sex. True love is a lot more than just sex. 

Sex can be good, but true love is far greater than that. 

True love is a bond of two people who really love each other, 

understand each other, know each other better than they know themselves, 

and accept their differences. True love can only be met when you grow 

mature as an individual. 

When you grow so mature as an individual that you know yourself entirely. 

And that's the kind of love that can last forever. It's not that research 

filled adventure in young age that can last no more than a single year. 

There are exceptions of course, or better said, there are those 

who are still together since Elementary school or High school, 

but those are very rare. 

When true love arrives, 

you can't turn your back on it, 

because the minute you do turn your back on it, 

it can slip away, and you can never 

get it back. When you are young, 

you're usually foolish. You believe you are 

truly in love, but there's a chance that you are 

just blindly in love, because you don't really know 

true love. 

It's only when you grow older and become more mature 

you can recognize true love when you meet someone. 

If you want to experience true love, you have to know yourself 

entirely first. Know who you are, what you can do, what you can achieve, 

and what you can offer. Without this knowledge that comes 

with growth, you can only hope to find it. 

Sometimes true love is right in front of you, 

but you see it as very good friendship, other times true 

love arrives into your life, but you're too bothered by many 

other things to notice it, and another time Serendipity 

happens and you meet someone you just know 

is the right person for you, but you're already too late,

because that person is either already with someone else 

or has an eye for someone else. 

Don't say no to something as magical and something as beautiful. 

Say yes instead. Nobody's arrived here 

to end up being alone.