May 23, 2023


Dear Amaru, today was OK, I guess. Attended as usual. During HM, Dawn tried advising me to make a study timetable cos we're writing. Good advice, the only problem is ME. Honestly, IDK what to do with myself at this rate. Katalea(you know, the Kalesi what whats he called himself and obviously nhrn), decided to make smoochy noises loudly during the physics lessonšŸ™„. At least he stfu during study. Mr Blahblahblah was absent today. The combi wasn't packed today. The iron broke down on me, unfortunately. Luckily for me, we have a cast iron iron. KG, Browser(ntrn) got into a debate on the position of the charge when dealing with ions. I said that the valency is written before the sign, while they disagreed. Heck, we even bet P10 each for whoever gets it right after confirming with the Chemistry teacher. Was shitty towards everyone since morning. Fell asleep in the combi and almost squashed Lucy(nhrn) in the process, constantly snapped at Beginner(nhrn) over petty shit, felt guilty about Mina(nhrn) and Dawn's situation and made Edmund(nhrn) feel inferior by cutting him short. I wish I could be a better person. I've tried everything, but it failed. 

Am I like Bojack Horseman in more ways than one?