May 22, 2023


dear secret keeper,

life is rough, i suppose you know that though because you know all my secrets, but i still feel the underlying need to confess, i always spill to everyone. my friends all think i'm weak, the teachers say i can't advocate for myself, but do they know me like you do, secret keeper?

i fought for hours to prove myself innocent when my ex-bff accused me of writing the message that she wrote that initially broke our friendship, i advocate and fight for others, i always defend others even if i barely know them, i've endured screaming matches, i'm still here on this planet after everything that has happened, yet i'm weak because i've cried in school, cause i can't speak up on rough days, because i'm me.

it hurts that they always say that they trust the other with their lives because i'm weak and cowardly, and i guess it just, hurts?

i suffered through episodes i'll call them, when i was too tired to even breathe, even think, i dealt with my sh all alone and i've been sober since febuary, but i'm weak and cowardly when i fought to save my own life, to keep my head above water.

so, yes, i am weak, i cried in school, i get too tired to breathe, i have awful zone outs, i was a slitter, so be it, you'll always call me weak.

they haven't been through any of it, they would've cracked yet i am weak.

that's all for now,

toodles, xo

lettersfromanonymous <3