January 08, 2023


Dear Diary,

I woke up late at around 10:30 am today.Sunday.I downloaded about 2207 songs on my phone and still have so much more songs to download.!  I tried to transfer my songs to SD card but the App isn't working right now. Will try again later. 

I am planning to spend the day reading books, and might do some adult colouring later in the afternoon while listening to music. This morning I started reading a new book called the gift horse by sheila Hayes. I had this book for ages but just got around to reading it. I also like to write passages from my books I am reading in cute notebooks.  Besides fishes, my favourite animals are frogs. So I've recently bought a bunch of notebooks with cute frogs on the cover. 

I have started keeping a a weekly planner. It's an interesting planner I bought online called the busy woman's diary. This planner helps me a lot, because sometimes my thoughts go before me and already make my decisions about what I need to for the day. With this journal I can plan things I desire to do-instead of what thoughts want me to do. 

Tonight I am cooking dinner for me and my family. I am baking chicken Drumsticks. I recently bought coating mix for the chicken which is lemon and herb flavour, and I plan on using that. We'll eat it with a serving of roast potatoes. 

Words cannot express how much I really need a daddy. I wish I really had a good one. My parents separated when I was 13 and my dad was mostly absent. My brother helped take care of my mum and me. But lately I've been wanting a daddy more and more. 

My visions and past life memories still continue. I had regression a while ago. I used to write my memories down in a diary. But I don't do that anymore. 

Although my mum and I have a very good relationship and we are a very close family, my mum was recently going through a phase where she was driving me crazy to the point where I could have a mental breakdown. But everything is okay now.