January 07, 2023


Dear Diary,

Right now I am writing this in the car, while I am waiting for my mum and brother to come back from grocery shopping. We just finished eating lunch at a vegetarian restaurant called Radhe. I felt like eating bhel puri today. My family and I shared the bhel and my mum let me try her dosa which was so yummy.! 

While my mum went to the bathroom, I already did my grocery shopping at radhe. I bought lots of noodles. These are special noodles you can only get in India called yippee noodles. I always wanted to try them, and was pleasantly surprised you can get them from radhe's grocery shop.! It's not available at the Indian grocery shop in my suburb.! 

After this we are going for a car ride. And then tonight I am going to watch some movies on my new portable dvd player I got from amazon. I am going to watch a childhood favourite movie called the new adventures of pippi long stocking. I haven't seen that movie in ages.! 

My brother started working as a security guard for amazon and he's very happy there. Otherwise there is nothing much to talk about. 

My brother recently started working