Dear Diary,

You've no idea what they do to you, you've no idea what they've already done to you, and you've no idea what they're going to do to you. The worst hasn't yet begun, the worst is only just beginning. No man of power will ever admit this to you, because then no man would ever have power over you, power over your life, power over your choices and decisions you make, and actions you take. They need your anger and frustration now more than anything. And the reason why they need your anger and frustration? So they can control it once you release it into the world, and see how powerful your thoughts,

 emotions, and beliefs truly are, and what's really hidden below the surface, who you really are, but more importantly, who you really were in your past life. Sounds strange, doesn't it? Why would they care? Why would they care about who you really are and who you really were in your past life? The reason why is because everyone of us is special. And the

 reason why we are all special is because of our memories. Yes, memories. Memories are very important, because they carry answers to what really happened. The world doesn't know what really happened and is trying to find out desperately what really happened, because what really happened is the answer to everything. The answer to why history has to repeat itself and why Gematria has to be used.