Dear Diary,

The world would be so much better and so much more beautiful if humanity knew the truth. All humanity knows right now is lies, lies that have nothing to do with any kind of truth, lies that exist to deceive humanity, lies that exist to confuse humanity, lies that exist to convince them of truths that aren't truths at all. Illusion is just too powerful for humanity to see right through it, and so people who belong to humanity live in lies and don't live in truths at all. They believe they are fully aware, they believe that they've

 reached full awareness of what's really going on, but in reality, they aren't fully aware, they haven't reached full awareness, and they've no idea what's really going on. They've no idea of what's really happening above the skies, they've no idea what's really happening below the ground they walk on, and they've absolutely no idea what's happening ON the GROUND they walk on. They trust those who are paid to disinform and misinform them, they trust those who read the exact same script only enriched with different kind of analogies and metaphors, they fight for left or right, not knowing at all, that they've no freedom and they've no privacy anymore, they buy all kinds of crap they don't really need to impress people who they don't even like, watch all kinds of crap on tv and waste their time away on nonsense they don't and they

 can't even understand. Seriously, it's not about making a deal with God, it's about making a deal with the Devil(Real God of that industry). Let's just leave it at that. It's crazy how far we've come and it's so sad where we're headed, where we're going because of our shallowness, ignorance, arrogance, selfishness, and narcissism. It's so sad that we are bound to fall into a very deep hole, because we are unaware of what's really going on, yet we pretend to be aware. Harsh reality is that we are a ship that is sinking or about to hit an iceberg, and we don't even know any of this, because we are too busy with all distractions we can find in this world, distractions we are whether we want to admit this or not, completely addicted to, submissive to, and dependent upon. Have you ever calculated how much time you spend on the world

 wide web on daily basis, have you ever calculated how much time you spend on your smarty device, and have you ever calculated how much time you waste binge watching all the crap you don't even understand, because it's made that way so nobody would ever understand what's really going on? You haven't, have you? You haven't a clue. Just think of the things you could do with that one hour, those two hours, those three hours you spend watching and doing all kinds of crap. You'd be free of all distractions, you'd be free of all the negativity, and ready to embark on the road towards your destiny. Why am I even writing this? You're probably way too young to understand any of this, you haven't the knowledge at all. You don't understand a thing. I am sure that after reading this you're going to go binge watch another crap on video sharing platform instead of going outside and breathing

 some fresh air, or instead of doing something worthy of that most beautiful dream you've ever had. Go ahead, be that part of 98% of people who don't do a thing yet expect to have everything, not knowing of course they won't get anything. Go ahead, get comfortable, procrastinate, put your hands where they don't belong, feed your minds with powerful words that are meant to distort your opinion of this world and of reality of this world. It's such a shame, because I know what you've to offer. I know of the things you can accomplish and achieve, I know of the things you can do with your mind, your heart, and your soul. Yet you're lost

 and you are never going to find yourself. What you've no idea of is that that's been devil's(Adam's) strategy all along, to make you angry, to make you mad, to make you miserable, to make you sad, to make you depressed, to make you poor, to make you hateful and envious, greedy and thirsty for power and control. Because the angrier you get the more power he can take away from you. But what do I know, right? Have you ever heard of the term spiritual warfare? Of course you haven't. You've no idea what it is and you've no idea how it works, and how the real devil of this world, can use it against you, if you aren't careful enough and you surrender yourself to hatred which leads to darkness of your mind, your heart, and your soul. Oh well. You can't convince

 people at all today, because all they care about is actually irrelevant and not relevant at all. So sad and yet so true. Wish it wasn't, yet it is true. You don't know who and what you really are, why you've been given life and why God sent you here. He didn't send you here to make a deal with the Devil, that's for sure. He sent you here to reach for your destiny and make a difference in the world. But what do I know, right? Who am I to judge you, who am I to preach to you( because being preached is all you can imagine), who am I to tell you like it is? I'm a nobody. Trust me, if I WAS a nobody I wouldn't be here. Blessings