True knowledge pt. 3


Dear Diary,

There are three universal plains. There's universal plain that's above, there's universal plain that's below, and there's universal plain that's right in between the one that's above and the one that's below. We are the universal plain that's in the middle of the one that's above and of the one that's below. Now, the thing about these three universal plains is that they all have something in common, they all harbor life. There's life in universal plain that's above us, and there's life in universal plain that's below us. Yes, there's actually life above and below where we live. But you see, there's war going on between the life that's above us and between the life that's below us, and we are right in between this war. Life that's above us protects something

 very important and significant to the Universe that life that's below wants to have. Which side do you think the secret world is on? It's on the side of evil. And the reason why is because evil has something that the secret world wants to have, and the only way it will get it is by helping it destroy what's good. So how do we normal human beings play into this? There are laws out there, there are rules they have to follow. It's very complicated. But the short version is this. If we don't conform, if we don't submit, if we don't collectively conform and submit, they can not communicate with evil. Without our conformity and without our submission they can not

 communicate with evil. Strange, isn't it? Not fiction, but reality. There are several levels of truths, this is the highest one. I could go on and one and explain this to you, but it would take me hours, but please understand it's got to do with our collective intelligence that's connected to the universal intelligence that's connected to the Universe, and the reason why this is even possible is because of the connection we all share. They use this connection we all share against us. That's why they want us to conform and submit. Not because of the New World Order which is fiction in itself, but because of what can be done when we do in fact submit and when we

 do in fact conform to their agendas. They know that without us, they are powerless, that without us they cannot communicate with evil, and that's exactly and precisely why they need us. Their plan is to help evil to win this war. And we are inadvertently helping evil win this war with our submission and with our conformity. The more we submit, the more we conform, the more evil is winning this war. They want to destroy what's good and we are collectively helping them destroy what's good. These rules are very complex yet true. They've got to do with who and what we truly are, why we live, and why we exist in the first place, and why we are where we truly are. If there weren't for us, there'd be no life anymore, and there'd be no light, only darkness.