True knowledge pt. 2


Dear Diary,

What is happening right now? Do you want to know what is happening right now? They are trying to destroy the term conspiracy theory, they are trying to erase the term conspiracy theory like it never existed at all.  If you doubt me, go ahead, and take a look at what kind of conspiracy theories are allowed to be out today and try to recall what kind of conspiracy theories were out not a month ago, but a year or so ago. If you are new to this, this is exactly how it works. They are hiding what's very close to the truth between what's not close to the truth at all, so you can't tell anymore as a viewer what is very close to the truth and what's not close to the truth at all. They are hiding the truths behind the illusions they allow you to create,

 so that those who see the illusions they allow you to create can not see past the illusions and thus can't tell anymore what's true and what's not true. Why do you think the rise of all of these ridiculous conspiracy theories has happened? They are trying to destroy the term, because there's way too many people out there who are still smart and can connect the dots together, who can see what the rest of the world can't see. And they don't want these people's connection s to be recognized as the possible truth and as the possible reality by the world. That's why you are being allowed to post whatever theory you have, because they are trying to create this space of ridiculous conspiracy theories that would turn people off the term, that would push people

 away from the term. Because you see, the truth, the real truth, the real truth they don't want the world to know is already out there. It's hidden among ridiculous conspiracies, but it's already out there. It's the truth about the rules they use, about the rules they have to use. But anyway, since there's thousands of them posted by all of you, that works for them too, because they have you and your viewers stuck believing in things that aren't true, and they're safe from you and

 your viewers from ever learning what is true. If you doubt me, try to filter the term "Conspiracy Theory" to today and tell me what you see. People aren't waking up to any truths, people are waking up to all kinds of lies, lies the secret world that exists behind the locked doors wants them to believe in. And it works, because you guys are falling for it. It works, because you guys can't see what you serve and what  you're being served. It works, because you guys don't know the agenda behind it. There's a whole lot more you don't know about, even though it is right in

 front of your face. There's a whole lot more that they hide right in front of you. They are using you, and you don't even know it. Sadly it's how it works. You are just pawns in their sick and twisted game they have you play without your knowledge. They want you to believe in things that aren't real, so that they can hide from you all kinds of things that are. They want you to come up with ridiculous conspiracy theories so they can hide conspiracy theories that aren't ridiculous but are in fact true. They'll do everything to prevent you from ever learning the truth. They'll do everything. Because what's hidden simply has to remain hidden, doesn't matter what the cost.