Dear Diary,

Do you know you've a weakness, do you know that you've something that makes you powerless, do you know you've something that makes you completely weak? You probably don't, because you probably think that you are strong, that you are powerful, that you don't have any weakness. But you see, we all have this weakness inside of us, some have more of it, and others have less of it, but we all have this weakness. You have it, your neighbor has it, I have it, my neighbor has it. Doesn't matter how rich, doesn't matter how poor, we all have it. And what do you think this

 weakness is, what is it that makes us powerless, what is it that makes us completely weak no matter how strong and powerful we believe that we are? What is it that can always be used against us with or without our awareness? Do you want to know what it is, what what that weakness is? It's not love, it's not ignorance, and it's not compassion. The biggest weakness that we have and is constantly used against us is CURIOSITY. For we are all curious by nature. When we learn something about something, we want to learn more about it. We want to know more about it, and we want to understand more about it. And because we want to know more about it and understand more about it, we immerse ourselves in

 it. We keep thinking about it, and we can not stop thinking about it. And here is where we do wrong, because the things we are thinking about are very often things we shouldn't be thinking about. You see, this hidden world knows very well of this weakness we all have and it is using this weakness against us. It offers us all kinds of mysteries it knows our curious minds are going to try to solve. Hidden world offer us all kinds of mysteries hidden world can not solve. It wants us to solve them, because it can not solve them. It needs our intelligence, it needs out theories, it needs our imagination, it needs our thoughts on it, it needs our emotions on it, it needs our beliefs. It needs our curious minds to work on it. Because the more people are trying to solve what it can solve, the closer it gets to solving the mystery. The bigger the mystery, the more important

 it is for the hidden world to solve it. It uses our very own curiosity against us and we don't even know it. The more intelligent we are, the more use we are to it, the more we know, the more the hidden world knows, the more we understand, the more the hidden world understand. That's all hidden world really cares about, all kinds of answers for all kinds of questions it seeks to answer. If there's no use and their project isn't interesting enough, if there's not many people who are trying to solve it, they destroy the world and build another one with the same mystery only behind a different kind of illusion. We are all just test subjects, that's all we are. They want, they need our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, they

 need what we know. The smarter we are, the better. The more intelligent we are, the more use we are to the hidden world, the more curious we are, the more of our theories we share, the more of our knowledge we inadvertently give away to the hidden world that needs it. It's never what

 you see, it's always what you really look at. And what you really look at is something deep that went unsolvable decades ago and needs to be solved by the hidden world. It's all an experiment, a very deep psychological experiment that is after your knowledge. All because of curiosity you can not ever escape from because it is your biggest weakness you now know you have.