Your inner being, your spark, your soul


Dear Diary,

When you are completely down, when you feel like you have no life anymore and you can't make anything of your life, even though you want to make something of your life, when you feel like you have no friends, and that nobody wants to be friends with you, when you feel like you are completely lost and you have no sense of direction, when you feel like you are always the target because you are just too kind, or because you just aren't popular enough, when your own parents who you love don't cherish you enough for the person that you are or when your own parents who

 you don't love don't cherish you enough but treat you like trash, but even though you've to go through all of that you still have goodness, kindness, humility, generosity, lovingness, compassion, humbleness inside of you, THAT is exactly when he knows and THAT is exactly when he appears in your life as a stranger you've never seen before in your entire life and offers you a deal. All you've to do to get rid of the old life is to accept a brand new life. All you've to do to get rid of the old is to embrace the new. And all you've to do to accept and embrace the new is give away the only thing that makes you human, your inner spark, your inner being, and your soul. That's the offer. What makes you human for immense success in life. Women who are out of your league, success you've always dreamt about,

 dreams you've always wanted to make true, everything you've always desired or wanted at your fingertips. All he asks of you is to say yes to his request, to accept his offer, and once you do, he disappears, like he's never been there in the first place, and eventually memories of him ever being there are gone from your mind. What happens then if you agreed is that your whole life starts to change, because his laws, the ones he is in charge of work for you and don't work against you. You suddenly start getting everything you've always wanted to get. You're no longer that creep, that weirdo, or that misfit, because he doesn't want you to be creep, weirdo, or that misfit anymore. He's got plans for you. But little do you know that by

 saying yes to his offer, by saying yes to his request, you can never get back what you gave him, nobody can ever get it back, because it's his, it's his forever, and he can do with it whatever he wants, and you can't do anything about it. You give away your soul, your spark, your inner being for the price of becoming someone, and you don't even know it. It's only once you do achieve what you've always wanted to achieve you realize what's happened to you, who has it, and why you don't have it anymore. But by then it's too late, you are his slave, you are his prisoner, you are his captive, and you've to do exactly what he wants you to do, otherwise he can crush what he has, and he can make sure like it never existed at all. Whatever he wants, you've to do. Your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are

 not your own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, your actions, decisions, and choices are not your own actions, decisions, and choices. Nothing is you anymore. It's all him. It's all him because he owns what made you human. That's why he's after beautiful souls, because beautiful souls make him powerful, beautiful souls give him power. But what you really see is those who have no souls anymore, who've given their souls away. Many aren't even aware of this yet, but they'll soon be aware of it, while others know very well what they've done and what they are a part of. How they've to

 pretend in front of everyone to be someone or something they are not in order to hide what they are, those who have no souls. He meets you at the weakest point of your life, when you've no money, when you've no family, when you've no friends, and you think, feel, and believe like you've no future, because he knows that your very own misery will convince you of his right, that accepting his offer is the right thing to do. Many who've

 accepted his offer regret it right now, because even though they've all the money in the world, they are his slaves, his prisoners, and his captives. There's pain behind that fake smile. And because they sadly see that humanity's long gone, that humanity believes whatever the secret world they are a part of wants humanity to believe, they are or they get enveloped by darkness that secret world hides from humanity. They simply are or become a part of it, because to them there's no way out. They can not escape his grasp, because he has their souls. He has their inner sparks, he has their inner beings. He has what made them human. And that's why they follow his command and commands of those who work for him, because they know the secret of light, that there's no light for them at the end of the tunnel.