The real truth


Dear Diary,

When I post here, I post the truth, when I post here, I post nothing but the truth. Nothing I post here is a lie, nothing I post here is any kind of lie, for I have no need and I don't need to lie to you, to myself, or to anyone else. I live by the truth, only by the truth, and that is precisely why I have Universe and its laws on my side. I know exactly how it works, I know exactly where it works, and I know exactly when it works, I know exactly what it does, and I know exactly how, where, and when it does it. If you speak the truth and nothing but the truth, Universe rewards you in various different ways. The more truth you speak, the more beautiful the heart,

 the mind, and the soul you have, and the more beautiful the heart, the mind, and the soul you have, the more powerful energy, frequency, and vibration you have, and the powerful energy, frequency, and vibration you have, the more powerful is connection that you have with the Universe. Universe is connected to you and you are connected to the Universe, only that the connection you have with the Universe isn't normal, usual one, but very powerful one. And this world seeks for that kind of power, just that kind of power, for it needs that kind of power. So the more beautiful you are on the inside, the more powerful you are, the less beautiful you are on the inside, the less powerful you are. This world doesn't care about you if

 you're ugly, it only cares if you are beautiful. In fact, the uglier you are on the inside, the less you matter, the more beautiful you are on the inside, the more you matter to the world. Beautiful souls are like the rarest of diamonds, ugly souls are like trash on a junkyard. That's why you have no privacy and you've no freedom anymore, because this world seeks for beautiful souls and needs to find beautiful souls, needs to find the one beautiful soul that it seeks, and has energy, frequency, and vibration so powerful it can create or destroy the Universe. Yes, you've read it right. Everything you see, and use exists precisely for this reason, so that the world that's hidden, wicked, and very very sick and twisted, finds that one

 soul that can destroy or save us all. You don't know this is because you aren't aware of what you really use, and it doesn't matter to you anyway, not anymore, because all you can see is the benefit behind it. You don't see the agenda behind it. You see a friendly face or face you admire and you are hooked. You've no idea why titles and names are being used, and how titles and names are being used to hook you even more to it, so that search for that one soul continues. This whole world is made for that. This whole system exists precisely for that. Too corrupt your minds, hearts, and souls, so it can find that one soul whose mind, heart, and soul it can not be corrupt and nobody can ever corrupt. This soul is important, very, immensely important. It's the very beginning and very ending of a very important agenda, the knowledge of highest order, the biggest secret, the

 majestic one. For it carries in itself the memory that world needs more than anything else, so it can defeat the good and thus helps evil to win over good. They want to destroy good, because there's something that good protects and evil really wants to have. Something that's worthy a whole lot more than all the wisdom and all the knowledge of this world. But anyway this secret, evil world works with evil, because it wants pieces of that power. And no this isn't a movie script of any kind. It's reality. That's why you are being entertained with sick and disgusting, illogical, and immoral programming for the past ten years or so now. They need to corrupt you completely. They need you addicted, submissive, and dependent upon everything they offer to you. They need you to be

 ignorant, to stay ignorant, because the last thing they want of you is to know, to become aware, to see that there's something strange going on with this world, in this world, in the background. The more glued you are, the more it works against your perception and awareness of the world, and the more it creates in you false perception and awareness of the world. You don't see what's hidden because you see what hides what's hidden. You don't see reality, because you see illusion that hides reality.

 The more illusion you see, the less reality you know of, the less illusion you see, the more reality you know of. It's the way this system works so it can find that one soul that can see past illusion and can thus see the reality. Those who bully others, mean nothing to the evil world, because they are ignorant jerks who only care about what they are being offered, while those who are being bullied, mean Everything to the evil world, because they are not ignorant and could care less about what they are being offered, because their guts tell them that there are far more important things in life. You call them misfits, weirdos, but what they really are are misunderstood people who have beautiful heart, beautiful minds, and beautiful souls, they are just what the evil, sick, and twisted world

 needs. They are what the evil, sick, and twisted world craves for. You are just too ignorant to know any of this. But reality is, this world doesn't want you to stop bullying people, this world wants you to bully people. Old, young, doesn't matter. What matters is the beauty within the soul. Your ugly soul plays straight into its sick and twisted game that exists to find

 the One, the most beautiful soul in existence. Strange, isn't it? Weird and bizarre, as well, isn't it? This is nothing. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg of everything that's hidden from humanity. I shouldn't write this. But who the heck cares right now anyway. Humanity is too lost to care about it. And that's precisely why evil is winning this battle and good is losing this one. If you wanted the truth about this world, one that's hidden behind the curtain, now you have it. If you are smart enough, you can catch hundreds of truths between the lines.