Did a tarot card reading and one of my distractions in my (straight) relationships (I guess I have to put it that way) is this fear I have where I get scared on how long the relationship is going to last and I get worried it could last too long and I’ll never end up experimenting with women and a part of me will always be wondering if I truly like women physically or just emotionally? Idk man…I watch lesbian porn and tbh it doesn’t really do anything for me but neither does straight porn really? And I hear erotic audios with women but I mostly find it cringe😗.

But sometimes out of the blue I see this Tom boy beautiful thick ass hell girl and I can’t help but want to grab her and kiss her AAAAAAAHHHH but then again it’s rare for that to happen….but I have this one friend who likes girl and the way she dresses and acts omg I want her to fuck me💀😭 AND THE BITCH TEASES ME AND SHE BE LIKE “ima fuck the hell outta you” and I’m like 🧍🏽‍♀️…👀💅🏽

Idk i think about women sexually and sometimes I do get turned on but what mostly think about is having a deep emotional connection, the furthest my mind can go in this fantasies is having a beautiful romantic make out session but after that I don’t really??? Get super turned on????

And also is it just me? But I love the idea of tying up a guy and teasing him days on end but i get more turned on thinking about a girl doing that to me then me doing that to them…

Someone out there please help me😭 this shit been bothering me for years💀

Btw my friends and I maybe think I’m pan because tbh…I like people girl or guy if you are nice to me and treat me right I will fall in love with you…I just sadly still haven’t found a girl to fall in love with…but I get guys left and right🙄it’s like I’m surrounded by only dicks…WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE VAGINAS?!?!?!