Down under


Dear Diary,

It's not about the situation, it's about your name, how far are you willing to go to hurt and tarnish your name, so they can either use it anywhere they want to use it to divert attention with your name from something that's far bigger than your name or use it to conduct psychological mind games on everyone who in one way or another feel connected to you and your name your name. It's all about creating a distortion with your name, and there's thousands of people out there who can create distortion with your name, knowingly or unknowingly whenever they choose to share their thoughts about you and your tarnished name. These people use your tarnished name to make money of it and create attention of it, to build following of it, and to gain audience of it. These people use your tarnished name in one way or another so they can benefit of it. The more they benefit, the more your tarnished name counts for something, and the more your tarnished name counts for something, the more distortion your create with it, and the more distortion you create with it, the more important you are in the eyes of those who've told you to tarnish it so it can be used for evil purposes and cruel intentions. And in the end that is what matters, how far are you willing to go, what are you willing to sacrifice to move one level ahead above what you've already achieved and accomplished in your life. Because the world doesn't know, the world doesn't seem to care anymore about everything that truly matters in life, so, why the heck should you? Your job is not to succeed anymore on any kind of level in your life, because your success doesn't matter anymore the way it used to matter, your job is to show to gain entrance to another door, to move one level ahead, and to learn more.