First million


Dear Diary,

So you wanna give up, so you wanna give in, so you wanna surrender, huh? Well, if you wanna give up, if you wanna give in, and if you wanna surrender, my thoughts are this, you should definitely give up, you should definitely give in, and you should definitely surrender, you should definitely stop dreaming, because the truth is plain and simple, if you don't go after your big dreams you don't deserve your big dreams, and fact of a matter is, nobody likes big dreamers, anyway. Nobody likes people who dream big dreams, because all of them have either done what you're about to do, or have long ago forgotten about their big dreams and replaced them with what you're about to replace them with, life of mediocrity, they do deserve to live, and so will you if you'll make the same decision they've made. My advice to you is, move forward, don't ever make a choice or decision to quit. If you want a better life for yourself and those you love, be a fighter, be a warrior and don't ever give in and don't ever surrender, the choice is YOURS.