To my ex best friend


6 years she was my best friend, she was like a sister to me, she was family for 6 years...she left I think about a month ago and the reason was that she was getting "too close to me" ... you couldn't have figured that shit out six years ago? it took you THAT long? she said she wanted time and I said I would back off and give her time but she said that in order for her to be by herself and think she needed to stop being friends with me, fuck you, Mia... if you're reading this...FUCK YOU!!! I was always here and you left me in the shittiest way possible and didn't even have the balls to do it face to face, did that shit through fucking text, and on top of that when she saw me again in school she walked up to me and asked why I was trying to hide from her called me a bitch and hugged me. Now I know people call each other bitch in a friendly way but that's when there's trust, when she said that sit I wanted to run that bitch over with every planet in the solar system. You were my entire life and I loved you and you just left like it was nothing...I hope truly hope you love someone the same way I loved you and then they leave YOU...that's the karma I want for you. I wish I could forget about you but I cant and now I have to grieve our friendship and I hate that I'm still crying about losing you but I'm just happy about the fact when you left, a lot of awesome people in my life but I mostly wanna thank 3 amazing people, my amazing friend Grismari and Yaizalie and my boyfriend Ethan <3 you guys make me feel so amazing. One thing I realized that I just can't believe is true is that I noticed something weird I was never truly happy or proud of myself while I was with you but now I feel like a goddess. You were a very good mistake and a good example of the people I should not surround myself with so thank you for hurting me.