November 25, 2021


DD, Nothing much just trying to get my shit together. People around me are so supportive.Blessed to have them. Can't thank enough. What happens normally is that your loved ones pressure you to give the best results. On the other hand, They just want me to try my best. Fail a little, learn a little. 

"If you're not failing enough , you're not trying enough" 

I wish I could guide my ex friend this way. I hope he is doing alright. I wish he receives the care I have got. Someone to inspire him to live everyday. Eat well, pat him on his shoulder and say it's okay to fail, you have got so many other opportunities. I wanna see him successful, but what can I do except pray for him. My prayers will always be with you.

Hwa sa released her new album guilty pleasure. I really liked "Bless U" from that. 

"I want me, I want to be loved"

"Bless U"

Donghyun also released a single with Eaj."Stab" And yk how I'm in love with Eaj recently. Their voices blend so well. The message was deep.It was about korea's SAT exam. His struggle to go into music, his mom's approval at the end and the internal conflicts with himself. Really I wanna just run on that road and lose myself again.

"I want you to stab right in my leg, please don't let me go back again to you" "Pain is the soil, and on the shaken roots,flowers will bloom" 

Anyways, Peace🌱