His name was Carl


Dear Diary,

I once knew a man, a very wise man. And this very wise man was kind enough to tell me the secret, the true secret to life. It took me years to understand it, for for years, many years I didn't understand it well enough. But now I do understand it well enough, now I understand it in its entirety. I understand everything he's told me, the smallest and biggest of its parts. So what is this secret? The secret to life is that Universe is in us and works through us through aid of several of its laws. Now, what does that mean?What it means is that we are all very important, special, unique, and extraordinary through the eyes of the Universe, that our meanings are in fact very meaningful, and our purposes are in fact very purposeful. What it means is that we are all here for a reason, to make something with and in our lives after birth and to venture into unknown into the next stage, which is death. What it means is that we all have our destinies to fulful, what it means is that we are all here to achieve and accomplish something great for ourselves, for the ones we love and for this world. These laws of the Universe are powerful, in fact, they are so powerful they can alter your whole world, when used correctly, or destroy your whole world, when used incorrectly. You are already in use of them, each and every single one of them, you just don't know it. That is why you jump from a higher to a lower frequency, or lower to a higher frequency. That's why you are positive or negative, happy or sad, good or bad, or blessed by life or depressed by life. Because you choose these laws without your awareness. This does not sound simple, simply, because it isn't. To understand this is to understand the Universe, to Understand this is to understand how we all truly operate through life. To understand this is to understand the true power of all of the laws of the Universe. It took me years to grasp this, it took me years to understand the wisdom of that man, it took me years to know what I know right now, that there's a reason behind your life, my life, and everybody else's life, that it's our job to find that reason, because nobody else can find it for us, and that the only true way we can ever truly find it is through aid of the Universe which is in us and through aid of its laws.