Ignorance vs Knowledge


Dear Diary,

On the one side there's knowledge, everything you've ever been taught, everything you know, and on the other side there's ignorance, everything you've never been taught, everything you've yet to know. If you choose ignorance over knowledge, you choose lack of knowing over knowing, if you choose knowledge over ignorance, you choose knowing over lack of knowing. Meaning, you have a choice and you have a decision to make. You can choose to know and enrich your mind with more and more knowledge, or not to know and fill your mind with more and more ignorance. But you see, the thing is, by choosing ignorance over knowledge you are not just choosing ignorance over knowledge, you are also choosing everything that is ignorant and thus connected to ignorance over everything that is knowledgeable and thus connected to knowledge. Know this, the more you fill your mind with ignorance, the more your mind gets used to it, and the more your mind gets used to it, the more your mind gets comfortable with it, and thus, the more comfortable you are with the lack of knowing, the less you actually know, the less you actually understand, and the less you can actually comprehend, meaning, your mind turns foolish, your mind eventually becomes closed and ignorant to all the knowledge. And the more closed your mind becomes, the more ignorant YOU become, the less you actually get to know and understand about yourself, and the less you know and understand about yourself, harder it is for you to find yourself in this world that does not want you to find yourself,  because the more lost  you are, the more ignorant you are to things that actually matter in life, the more time you spend on things that do not actually matter in life, meaning, because you are ignorant to things that matter, you are being sold and you purchase things that Do not actually matter. This world wants you to be ignorant, because this world wants to steal  money, attention, and time

away from you and thus enrich itself and keep you poor. Like it or not this is how your own ignorance is used against you, this is why you're still poor and billionaires who invest in this system are still billionaires. You think various different platforms will improve the overall aspects of your life, but what they actually do is provide you with dopamine so powerful it keeps you ignorant to things that matter more and are actually much more important and much more significant. If you want to break free, choose knowledge, choose to know and choose to understand, choose to see the world through your very own eyes and not through the eyes of somebody else's camera, choose to explore and not to stay on the very same place all the time, choose discomfort over comfort, choose to live over exist, choose life for what life truly is, and you'll see, ignorance, will cease to exist over time and will be replaced with things that actually matter, things that will truly push you ahead in your life.