Game of Life


Dear Diary,

I want to tell you how special you truly are, I want to tell you how significant and how important you truly are, and I want to tell you how divine, how magnificent, and how one of a kind you truly are. 

I want to tell you the truth, I really want to tell you the truth, the truth you don't know, the truth you've yet to know. But you see, you are ignorant to all of this, meaning, you've no idea of your very own importance and significance, because you pay way too much attention to all kinds of things that don't show you your actual importance 

and significance and way too less attention to all kinds of things that do show you your actual importance and significance. It's sad, and it's sadly true. 

You don't know yourself as much as you should know yourself. You don't know who you really are and you don't know what you really are. All you know about yourself is what you read, watch, and what you're being told. You don't know why you were born, 

you don't know why you were sent onto and into this world, you don't know your meaning, your purpose, and it's all because you are ignorant to everything that's true and everything that's true about you. That's why you've negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about yourself, because if you knew what I know, you would have positive thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about yourself. But no, 

let's catch up the latest episode of that series everybody loves to watch, let's not miss the game, let's not forget that super hot actress and her latest blockbuster movie, or that faked reality show. Why is all that more important than you are? It's not! You are thousand times more important than any show, any movie, and any game will ever be. 

You don't need to wake up, I'm not asking you to wake up, I am asking you to see the life that's in front of you, life that's ahead of you, life you can still live to the fullest, life you can still take advantage the best way possible, life you can truly live and use to inspire thousands, millions, or if you don't want to reach as high, those you care about, cherish, and love, and are part of your life. 

It's the most beautiful feeling in the world, and the most rewarding one. So why not feel that kind of feeling, why choose things that are depressing over things that are blessings in disguise? You were born to make a difference, to make an impact, to leave behind a legacy, you weren't born to entertain your mind with nonsensical things that will never ever help you win at this game of life. 

You can, trust me, you can win at this game of life. But to win it, here's a catch, you have to first, realize that you are alive, and second, realize you are smart enough, strong enough, and courageous enough to win it.