Dear Diary,

You know, it's easy to give up, it's easy to just let it go, it's easy to give in to it, and it's easy to just call it quits and surrender, but what good does giving up, what good does letting go, what good does giving in, and what good does surrendering do, what good does it really do? The biggest of dreamers had the biggest of dreams and they've chosen to pursue it, they've never given up on it, and as a result of their devotion, commitment, determination to the biggest of dreams they've ever had, they are now part of history books as the bravest and most brilliant of men and as the bravest and most brilliant of women who've ever lived. So my question is, why stop, what is it that's stopping you from moving forward? I know you've a dream, and I know that's so, because I too have a dream as do all the people who just like you and me dream big dreams. I don't know what your dream is, and I can't see your dream, just like you don't know what my dream is, and you can't see my dream. But I do know this, dear reader, whatever the dream, it's possible to achieve it, because no dream is impossible to achieve. So don't give up, don't give in, don't let go, don't surrender your dream because of your fear, past, doubt, or insecurity, pursue it instead, pursue it so hard to let the world know you have it and you won't stop at nothing until you'll achieve it. Let the world know that the dream that you have matters to you, let the world know that you'll stay committed, devoted, and determined until you'll embrace your dream with both of your arms. Whatever your dream, you have to work on it, because the moment you stop working on it, somebody else who is also after the same kind of dream goes by you and thus takes your previous place. The moment you give in, the moment you give up, the moment you let go, and the moment you surrender, somebody else who does not give in, does not give up, does not let go, and does not surrender, takes you place. That's why, if you've a dream you have to be willing to fight for it. The bigger it is, the bigger the fight, and the bigger the fight, the bigger is the competition. But is it worth it? Yes, it's definitely worth it, because the dream that you have, you've been given this dream for a reason, you've been given this dream so you could make a long-lasting difference in the world, make an impact, or perhaps even leave a legacy. Whatever the choice is yours to make and action is yours to take. But know this, by letting go of something as worthy and something as valuable as your dream, you are not just letting go of your dreams, you are also letting go of your destiny for a bittersweet ending.