October 13, 2021: White birthday (Maybe)


DD,Hey finally my birthday. So why am I excited like a 12 yo you ask? Recently i had seen that drama called Blue birthday where basically the mc's friend dies on her birthday. Great, I thought it was fun to reminisce the scene and celebrate mine. Doe I didn't have a blue one, rather a really good day. Why do I sound upset that none of friends died lmao. It isn't the case actually. I have tons of exams, both on december, then june, then uni ones. So I wanted to celebrate a memorable to give me strength to be alive. 

So listened to "Make a wish" ny NCT and danced to it at 4 am.Talked a few times with boo. My friend that is. And missing my old friends. Specially my bestie, and jae. I miss jae tonight. They used to wish me like 100 times lol. Also my bestie, the sweetest guy ever. I'm really used to people pampering me,I should be concerned about how I treat my friends. Thought I did bake a cake on jae's bday. Hope he is alive. I don't think a single day has gone by where I didn't think about jae. He is like imprinted in my memory lol. Anyways, gotta move on cuz he moved on. First time where I couldn't seem to move on. He is just neomu dalla and crazy & unpredictable. Okay enough bout him, I am waiting for my cake. White vanilla cake, on the way. I will receive my dress on 14th-15th I guess. Last night my cousin wished me then went off. Should've ignored because what she did last time. But who cares, I aint like her anyways. I said a thank you sis. I will treat myself with some kpop, listen to make a wish all night. Do some math, talk with boo,miss my friends and also celebrate jimin's bday. What an irony,haha.

Ps. Got the cake. Tastes average or close to disgusting lmao. At least doesn't taste too toxic. Hope i dont get a stomachache,cuz the cream ..looked *coughs*. Last night I had ordered thai fried rice with bbq wings & vegetable gravy. That also tasted horrible,the rice was all rotten. Few days back, my shrug , I wanted to buy was stocked out. Hm how would my dress be like tomorrow lmao. Seems like a semi blue birthday to me,but I'm actually happy. These flops makes a day more memorable,I am laughing at this😂 ba byee.Peace