October 13, 2021


Dear Diary,

Today my A5 spiral notebook arrived in the mail.! Only it wasn't the pink mermaid notebook I had ordered.!on the package it said what I wanted. That inside was my mermaid notebook. But what I got was a purple unicorn notebook.! I think maybe they ran out of mermaid ones. Still purple is one of my favourite colours and I love unicorns. So I like the notebook and I'm not complaining. Stationary is stationary. 

I had to fill out a feedback survey for my local supermarket. I like the staff there who are all so friendly and do their best job. So I gave them a really good score. Otherwise there's nothing else to talk about except it's raining today. 

I started keeping a weekly planner in one of the journals I got yesterday. But I didn't manage to do some of the things I had written. Maybe it's a teething problem. I just have to learn to stick to what I plan.