September 25, 2021


Dear Diary,

Things are going well as of now. I can keep up within the past 2 weeks since the school year officially started. There's a lot of things going on but I believe that I can do them.

Joe messaged me on Thursday asking me to sing for him. I sent him my song and the conversation was good not until he sent a provoking GIF I don't know if it was just me overanalyzing but the GIF that he sent me was a man pulling a woman closer for a hug, they are laying on bed and mind you, the woman has no undies. I did not reacted to the message. I was just there staring at it for the past minutes and remembered Jed and the way that guy disrespected me.

I am just not into him. I treat him as a friend and I think he also knew that I don't want to be in a relationship with him (I don't start the conversation as always). I know he's kind and all, but I just have so much doubts. I can see the way he talks to others and esp. girls online, and it makes me feel like he's just nice with others and sort of flirtatious in a sense. I ain't mad though, maybe that's just the way he is.

The good thing though is that I already comforted him about his studies and he also thanked me and said that what i said was motivational. (This was before I sent him my song.)

At the end of the day, all I know is that as of now, I am happy and contented being single.