September 23, 2021


DD,Hello love.Last night I met my my two friends last night.I was really happy to see em after 10 days. He waited everyday for me.It was kind of sad but I appreciate the efforts. It reminds me of that one thing I saw prolly in a movie or in an ad where they say "You should say thank you instead of sorry". I was really happy to meet him.The whole day I was missing haru but meeting him somehow uplifted my mood. Tbh I really miss haru,hope he is alive and well.Its almost my birthday so it will remind me of him again. He wished me happy birthday the whole day lol..ah how time goes by. I have no one to celebrate my birthday with.I dont think mom will buy me a cake either or I will receive any gift. I just want this to be celebrated.Someone who will appreciate I'm healthy and alive.Bake a cake for me just like I did on haru's birthday. The whole world would be celebrating the day though,its also one of the most influential people's birthday who used to be my bias. Kind of happy,kind of not. Its kind of sad lol.That's still alright.At least I'm happy and well this year.I'm grateful for everything. I know someone will wish me bday wishes at least. My friends...I dont know if I'll be able to meet them. I want a hug,a big hug from someone and tell me I'll be alright.Everything is going to fall into place.You'll live a great life.

Honestly nobody knows what'll happen but I want ressurance. A sense of warmth. I regret not wishing haru on his birthday.I forgot and didnt have the courage to talk to him again.Because he didnt reply my previous messages. I dont know if he wants to talk to me or too busy in his life with his other friends.But one thing I know for a fact, that I'll be always praying for him and will remember him.

I miss my bestie too.Didnt meet him for so long.Hope he is alright as well. I hope you didnt forget me,honestly I want you to forget me because I dont associate myself with good memories you can make.Most likely,I am ok to be forgotten.Nothing but a burden.I couldnt repay your favours or be nice to you.Forgive me and forget.

Anyways, I have tons of work to do but I had food poisoning last night.So I'll be reading biology and finish the 2 chapters.Cya next time love,ba bye.🌱🐣