21/10: 365 & Fresh


DD,So the story starts with 3 different perspectives. We see hyuna being a regular hairdresser. One night,a man came for a shave.While doing her job,the man began touching her inappropriately. So on a whim, hyuna *coughs* killed him. Yup. Hui on the other hand got in a fight with some gangsta. He ended up in a trash can. But he got into a bar.Dawn is a guy who is highly suicidal. We see him trying different methods of dying,but failed. Again on hyuna,we see her trying to wipe out the blood from the floor after killing the man. Meanwhile hui stole keys from girls in the club and began to drive the car.Hyuna stumbled upon the car and hui took her in. Then we see dawn crashing in front of the car,trying to die.Hui threw few punches at him,but dawn began laughing.At the end,they took him in the car as well.In the morning,we see them stopping at a gas station. Then they opened the trunk of the car and found a lot of money.Knowing,they dont anything to do for now,they began spending the money.We see them going to clubs,partying,hyuna making out with dawn.

In the very end,police came chasing for them.But they seem really happy.No care,going for the last long drive.Before police can reach them,they stood on top of a high bridge holding each other's hands. And they jumped. And it ends with them falling graciously.

That was the song from triple H(Hyuna,hyojong,hui) and it's called 365 & Fresh. The whole journey,they kept screaming f.r.e.s.h,till death. I'm 365 & fresh~

This was one of the very first songs of cube that caught my attention. I do love the song. But in a lighter pov.I do relize how iconically it shows the hilarious play of life & destiny. But to me,the concept was indeed fresh. See,we make thousands of mistakes in life. But what's the worth in ending it without having fun? If I'm gonna die someday by default, I might as well enjoy my remaining life. F.r.e.s.h till death🍃🌱🐣