20/10: Average nice day


DD,Hello love.I'm going back to the old day-day writing style for now. I woke up at roughly 8.Was anxious in the beginning but quickly eased up. I have a new set-up now. Well the old tables and another to the back. I will have tp fix the existing black table to other side again.I was kind of conflicted inside today. Was having imaginary arguements by myself. But later eased up. Average day because a bit unproductive but I got most of the work done at night.I am grateful I'm not thag stressed anymore rn. Don't know how long will that last tbh since I'm not going to the classes. That's fine. Backache and I had leg pain for a quite some days,that's alright as well. A painkiller is all you need.

Listened to some yerin baek songs. Her lovely watercolor album is amazing. It's called "Love,yerin". All of her albums are amazing but my favourite one is "tellusaboutyourself" and the fav songs are "Lovegame" ,"Hateyou"and "you'relonelynowsoyouneedmebackbyyoursideagain" wow that's a long title. From her album "EveryletterIsentyou" I liked "Rest". Her concerts are really chill and calming.She is one of my favourite humans. Lee hi had amazing comebacks this year. And seori with jae collab. Bibi cameback as well. Lisa had a banger solo.

I am in the process of gaining love for myself again.Peace🌱 Stay well,don't forget to smile in the mirror.Bye🌼