19/10: Recovering & simple joy


DD, Hello dear love. Going to the doc's yesterday, was actually good. I got to see the vast blue sky. Sky always makes me happy. It's like the whole sky is a familiar place and I can rest assured. Even though the appointment wasn't good, I still enjoyed the experience. There I saw two middle aged women. Dressed black from head to toe and covered. I could only see their eyes. One woman had these beautiful pair of hazel eyes,one of the most beautiful features I have ever seen. It was truly mesmerizing. Her gaze...mysterious yet so kind. Felt like she has seen a lot in her life. Good things,bad things. Someone I can admire. There was something about her that can't be forgotten. I am in awe since then. Makes me wanna give her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I rarely feel like this. It's like I encountered something utterly divine.

Today,mom gifted me this cute white flower from the bushes of the rooftop. Isn't is so gracious that flowers grow when barely the plant can grow. Out of place,yet a piece of nature in ususual environment. I think struggles are a part of growing something amazing. Just like the flower, barely getting any water yet thriving,our life is kind of similar. Our time spent in hardships makes us stronger and develop a sense of responsibility. 

Big words...just words. Being quite anxious,stressed lately..these simple joys comforted me. A new hope that I will get to see these things again if I just keep going. All I need is one bright moon in the night sky.

It's hard to tell whether you had a bad day,an average or a great day. It's the art of seeking positive things is what that makes a great day.Peace🍃