Doctors who don't listen


DD, As I aspire to be a doctor myself, I simply don't trust the people but I still believe in the system.

Today I went to the long due appointment only to be disappointed. The doctor didn't wanna listen much,was asking vague questions. On top of this, she was also talking to her assistant about how many patients are left. She was late for the checkup , mind you..1 fucking hour.

I didn't want third party praise for my spoken English and pay her bucks for it. She asked me if I was in English medium, where I live, where I go for academics, How do I know these terms in English. Thanks, but if only you'd listen to my actual problems. Not gonna blame her, allergy doesn't really have a cure. But there might be a root cause for an allergy to be occuring from time to time. I know you do not have the knowledge to solve this. But I still gave you the dollars. Anyways, as I had diagnosed earlier, I have atopic dermatitis now.I was lingering between chronic urticaria and contact dermatitis. I have 3 of them combined lol. I don't really care at this point. As long as I don't go into anaphylactic shock, it's bloody fine.

For a little advice for myself and the aspiring doctors, go fuck yourself if you don't wanna listen to your patients,take the bucks and make a vague diagnosis.