18/09: A storm rages...


DD,I cried a lot yesterday. Spending my days in anxious mood. I have some classes today. Or go visit the doctor. I'm really scared if I can make it or not. Pass the national exam or not...I'm also scared of the mental & physical burn outs I'm getting. A bit hard to stop overthinking and think about positive things. Like you have to forcefully stop a storm from happening. Or I'll be into breakdown,lose more time & have headache,and terrible cough. My heart starts to hurt.

Even though I want it to think of as my happiest days. Worse things happen around us all the time. I don't know what's waiting for me in the future. Let's just focus on the present. It's called "present" a gift for a reason. As the old and overused saying goes Past is history,tomorrow is a mystery but present is a gift.

Enough of cliche quotes. I miss my friends. My bestie, I hope he is well and alive. May he pass all the exams. My other friends, may they enjoy their classes and keep holding up. May the gone souls rest in peace. Ba bye love.Please pray for me.Sincerely,