17/09: A tiny dot called Destiny


DD, hello love. I just realized I have been writing my entry dates all wrong, Didn't realize it's september so the month is 10 not 09...

Well heize had an album this year named "A tiny dot called destiny" If I remember correctly. This kind of hit me. How fascinating are the possibilities of something truly amazing or tremendously tragic happening.

I have been holding onto the last straw of hope. If I end up getting very bad grade in my exams, I can improve my exams the next year. I will lose one year however. Ah how the days were being the top student. Well people change,time changes,situation changes. I have been going all out. Try to get the most of my time and memory. Sure is hard, backpain, maxed out brain circuits and tons of anxiety & pressure. That's alright, I will keep going. As i promised myself, not to overthink.

To talk about life & destiny. What do i even know about it? 

My mom has seen better,

The neighbour who cried the whole month on his mom/dad's grave knows better,

The boy who lost all the will to live has seen better,

The single mother raising her children knows better.

 So to think, where I stand is nowhere near them. To respect their struggles and be brave admist all dark smoke, I'll keep going.Peace🌱