16/09: Life goes on


DD, A few years back, I had read a poem on the academics book.

One day even if I'm not here, the rivers will still flow

The seasons will still change.

Moral of the story: Whatever happens, life goes on. It never stopped for anybody. Looking back in 2019ish, life never stopped when I had hit a rock bottom. Was tensed,sick,crying everyday,potentially suicidal,failing my exams and anxious. Because life never stopped I could live upto this point.

Now tbh I am on the exact same track. However, I'm trying to stay happy. Cause who knows what'll happen in the future? Isn't it a fortune to be alive today? To do the things I like,dislike. To get a place to sleep, to be with my family. It's okay. 3 months ago I almost lost my mom. It's wayy happier. I couldn't be more blessed. Exams are also a part of life. They come , they go. Just like clouds...they become dark sometimes. They are feathery light sometimes. 

To write about my day today, I woke up at 5am. Last night, I got about 6.5 hours of sleep. Then I began doing mathematics. I have been doing maths for 4 days. It doesn't want to be completed. To make up for 1 year worth of work, i'm giving my 160%. I'm burnt out everyday. But that's alright. I'm doing something I like(dislike)..Hehe 

on that note,goodbye.I hope to continue.Peace🌱

A small sidenote: ( In what way you want to view your life as, is your choice. It's something that comes from within,because Happiness is a decision)